R i g o   L e o n

Born in Havana and raised in Miami, is one of the most recognized and respected artists in South Florida. He is well known for his trademark versatility and bold murals, as well as his commitment to creating art in public
places around the world.

As a self-taught artist who traded his toys for
paintbrushes as a child, Leon uses a wide range of media and forms to express his art, from videography in music videos to graphic design, drawing and spray painting, to wood and metal.

Over the years, he has spearheaded gallery exhibitions from Havana to Rome and created interior artwork for luxury residences, restaurants, and public venues throughout the Americas. His "Helping Hand Series" can be found in Mexico and at various locations in Miami, including St. Brendan Catholic Church and on columns in downtown Miami as part of the city's "Art in Public Places Program."  

One of Leon's most recent accomplishments was creating the 2019 Miami Marathon ribbon. 

In 2020 he Launching a custom line of art-inspired hand sanitizer, and custom face mask available throughout The Confidante Hotel during the COVID 19 pandemic as well a art collection call " Havana Dreams"

2021 He brings Back his roots in a collaboration with La Tropical Beer in Wynwood after the company left Cuba in the 1960's and Leon's mother Graciela Herrera was one of the models of the beer, during that period of time he paint the entire fassade with paper boats "La Caridad del Cobre" and a mural of his mother from one of the original commercials. 

His art ranges from abstract expressions of communication and social issues around the world to tribal silhouettes, a longtime source of inspiration for León. Paper boats, a symbol of immigration, are often depicted in his work. A representation of the hopeful, but challenging journey that immigrants face, this connects with their surroundings growing up in Cuba during the worst time in the country's history. 

After 20 years, he traveled back to Havana with his eldest son Vicenzo to learn where he  came from and the history of his culture. His collection at The Confidante, “Havana Dreams” is a mix of classic and new pieces, a sculptures, all with the same lines and colors inspired by Havana, Miami and the atmosphere that unites the two.